Feel Pride – Dogma of Sea comeliness in Pakistan.

Planning to go Jumeirah Dubai or Corniche of San Francisco, take a deep breath; relax. Waive off worries to enjoy sea sides by visiting splendiferous beaches of Pakistan.

In continuation to my topic on Tourism day, hopefully tourism department of Pakistan is going to take care of this feature as well. A dogma of splendiferous beaches are enlisted for enchanting your memories. It’s no more a secret now. One must take pride in nature:-

  • French Beach

  • Hawksbay Beach

  • Somiani Beach

  • Kund Malir Beach

  • Ormara Beach

  • Jiwani Beach

  • Pasni Beach

  • Gawadar Beach

and breadth taking …… Island in the heart of water

  • Astola Island

Please revive the blue water tourism in Pakistan. Feel pride in the gifted beauty. All images are taken from different photographers original work on google for attracting people to their hard work and photographs.

“Keep water and surroundings clean”

Tocsin- Tourism in Pakistan; Catch for the Government!

Tocsin Tourism, I thought to name it for the citizens; an eye opener!

Tourism is a vast industry and unfortunately Pakistan is deprived to utilize this industry and proved imprudent with passage of time. Pakistan is a land of opportunities with diverse cultures, historical backgrounds and natural beauties. Tourism is promoted worldwide being a heavy impact factor in economy. There are various places for tourism in Pakistan. This blog will highlight the aspects staring from the province of Sind.

Government must revive the places at first stance. Few of these are earmarked in a pictorial journey through Sind. Youth of Sind must realise and respect the land they are gifted with. Parents thinking to take children on a family vacation abroad? Have a look at it.


Millions of Pakistani have dream to go United Kingdom (UK) by spending bag of paper money. Here is a picture of famous Victoria Tower in London. Most of the people might be knowing, nevertheless the compared picture shows Victoria Towers Jaccobbad Sind. What is required ? A Revival.

2. Gaj Nai Sind – Cappadocia of Pakistan

Tourist are attracted by the caves of Cappadocia Turkey. Hot air balloon and caves are source of attraction in Cappadocia. The right picture is not from Turkey. It is Gaj Nai Sind, Pakistan. All attractions abroad are worth startle in Gaj Nai.

3. Gorakh Hills Dadu – Murree of Sind

Spectators who have seen and those who have not seen; comparison of Murree with Gorakh Hills The Murree of Sindh in the right side of picture.

4. Lansdowne Bridge – Bosphorous bridge of Pakistan

Yes, amazing but true! Might be people can enjoy a cruise at Lansdowne Bridge seen on the right side. Bridge is located in Sukkur Sind.

5. Makli Necropolis – Not Egypt it’s Pakistan

Here have a glance at Bagawat Necropolis Egypt vs Necropolis Makli Sind Pakistan. Why to go egypt then ?

and many more…….. Few of the places are ink down for your imagination. Glimpse of few places.

6. Chaukhandi Tombs Sind

7. Hasrat Mohani Central Library Hyderabad

8. Makli Temple and Hills Thatta

9. St Patrick Church Karachi

10. Merewether Clock Tower Karachi

11. War Memorial – Miani Historical Battle Monument

12. War Cemetery

13. Mohatta Palace

14. Mohenjo daro

15. Rani kot Fort or Great Wall of Pakistan

16. Sadhu Bela

17. Seven Sisters Sukkur

18. Shah Jahan Mosque Thatta Sind

19.Tooba Mosque – Dorm without Pillars

20. Khenjar Lake Resorts

21. University of Sind

Food Mania Sind

1. Do Darya

Come and visit the food mania on sea.

2. Lal Qila

3. Port Grand

The places mentioned here are just eye schematic representation of Sind province Pakistan. The list does not end here. Likewise all the provinces of Pakistan are rich in tourism. Stay tuned for more to come……..